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Rural Enterprises Australia specialises in rural recruitment, in other words finding and filling farming jobs in Australia such as seeding and harvest positions, station work, dairy farming, farm mechanics and agri business. We have been providing rural employment services for more than 60 years over which time we have developed strong relationships with many farmers and seasonal farm workers.

Featured Candidates (AUS)

Please find below a list of selected candidates available for work in AUSTRALIA in either a permanent or seasonal capacity.  If you wish to find out more about their background, please contact us. NB: we do have other candidates available who have not been listed here.  

TIP: Click on the candidate ID number below and you can email us directly about that particular candidate!

SEASONAL - updated 18th September 2019:

We continue to speak to candidates looking for seasonal work, refer to the list below which is updated regularly to give you an idea of those available and their farming experience/background.  Should you wish to discuss your casual requirements or wish to know more about anyone listed below, please contact us.  NB: There may be other candidates available who have not been listed here.

 PERMANENT - updated 18th September 2019: