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Rural Enterprises Australia specialises in rural recruitment, in other words finding and filling farming jobs in Australia such as seeding and harvest positions, station work, dairy farming, farm mechanics and agri business. We have been providing rural employment services for more than 68 years over which time we have developed strong relationships with many farmers and farm workers.


VEVO Checks / Work Rights

Rural Enterprises is committed to helping farmers find eligible workers.
We are registered with the immigration department to check the status or entitlements of visa holders applying for work here in Australia.  This system allows us to check the work entitlements of a visa holder online allowing us to see their work, study and licence eligibility so you can be assured anyone we recruit for you has the appropriate work rights for Australia.

Why you should check the work entitlements of new employees:

Illegal workers are non-Australian citizens who are working in Australia without a visa, or who are in Australia lawfully but working in breach of their visa conditions.  Work means any activity that normally attracts remuneration. In other words, even an unpaid worker will be considered to be working if their work would normally attract remuneration.

Who can work in Australia?

  • Australian citizens
  • Australian permanent residents
  • New Zealand citizens who entered Australia on a current New Zealand passport
  • Non-Australian citizens holding a valid visa with work entitlements.

Proof of entitlement to work

Not all visas allow people to work in Australia.  Each of the following is proof of a person’s entitlement to work:

  • an Australian birth certificate
  • an Australian citizenship certificate
  • a certificate of evidence of citizenship
  • an Australian passport
  • a valid visa with permission to work
  • Job Network Job Seeker ID number.

The following is not proof of a person’s entitlement to work:

  • a tax file number
  • a driver’s licence
  • a Medicare card
  • a bank account
  • referrals from other employment agencies or labour suppliers
  • references from previous employers.