Inducting Farm Workers

On a farm, everyone is responsible for the safety of every person on the farm at any one time, including family members, workers and visitors.

It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all machinery and vehicles, roads, buildings and yards are safe for farm work. There must be no risk from chemicals, and the correct safety gear must be available at all times. Farm workers must know how to carry out their work safely, and should immediately report any serious hazards.

There are numerous dangers in a farming environment, from power lines and dams to bore drains and even quad bikes. These dangers must be recognised and have safety guidelines implemented.

Farm workers and farm managers have numerous responsibilities to protect themselves and others. farm workers must feel safe no matter the job they are doing. If something feels unsafe, a farm worker must cease work immediately and report it to their farm manager. If an employee is working alone, they should have radio or phone contact with their boss at all times. And, of course, no work should be attempted if the farm worker is fatigued, or affected by alcohol and/or drugs.

Any person living or working on a farm should be constantly aware of dangers and report anything they see or hear. Safety instructions must always be followed, and farm workers should always ask their boss if they don’t understand something.

Next time you’re inducting a farm manager or any farm worker for that matter, try using the Safety Induction Tool for a comprehensive list to guide you through the process.

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