Harvest 2019

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Australian Harvest 2019 is almost here and the harvest jobs opportunities in Australia will be coming through steadily very shortly!  If you haven’t registered with us for Harvest 2019, don’t delay.  If you have already registered, you can keep your profile and availability up to date by logging in with your username/password that were emailed to you.


You will need valid work rights for Australia so make sure you have your Working Holiday Visas in place if you are international workers.  We will require proof of this.


Farmers look for those who either have a strong farming background and/or have an agricultural related qualification.  You must have machinery experience and know how to operate modern farm machinery.  Those with any of the following experience will be favoured: header, chaser, air seeding, spraying, HC/MC licence or a trade in mechanics or fabrication.  Some farmers are willing to employ people without specific header/combine or chaser bin experience if you:

  • Have operated large machinery;
  • Have a genuine passion for agriculture - passion for the job is everything to farmers so if you have that, you’re half way to securing a job!
  • Have the right attitude;
  • Can follow instructions;
  • Are willing to learn;
  • Have common sense;
  • Are clean and tidy


The hay season starts mid September with our farmers requiring operators for mowing, raking, baling and stacking.  The harvest season typically runs for 6-8 weeks, from October/early November through to December, with operators required for header, chaser, trucks and ground crew.  Farmers may request an earlier start date so you can get familiar with the job, farm and machinery before the season commences. 


You will be required to stay ‘until the work finishes’ meaning often you will be given an approximate end date.  Finish dates vary anywhere from December through to January and beyond if there is additional farm work - you will know this up front. Many farmers like to be finished by Christmas however this may vary depending on the cropping programme and weather.  Given this, let us know if you need to finish/return home by a particular date.  Make a note of this in the application form or email us to confirm.


  • Hourly rates are $25-30/hr (plus superannuation) depending on experience;
  • Typically 12+ hours a day and up to 7 days per week;
  • Accommodation is provided in most instances and generally one or two meals per day are included.  You will know up front what the situation is;
  • It is preferred that you have your own vehicle but some farmers can provide a vehicle when required.


We will require you to complete our application form and attach an updated resume, scan a copy of your drivers licence and passport/visa.  These documents can be uploaded via our application form or emailed separately to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  References will also be conducted so you must ensure relevant contacts are listed on your resume and/or application form. 

CLICK HERE to complete the application form.


Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already.  We will post jobs as they come through and any updates you might be interested in hearing about in the lead up to harvest and throughout the season.

Hopefully this information is of help and we look forward to receiving your application.

Kind Regards,
The Rural Enterprises Team