Award Rates & Contracts for Farm Managers

It can be difficult to navigate all of the technicalities when it comes to hiring staff for farm work in the agricultural sector. It is the nature of the industry to attract people from all walks of life, from families looking for a permanent change to backpackers wanting to experience a single season, and it is important to know what rates and awards apply to different categories of employees.

Not only do farm jobs attract people from diverse backgrounds, but positions also vary greatly: shearers, stockmen, general farm hands, managers and more - and all of these positions require specific treatment when it comes to award rates and drawing up a contract.

Take Farm Managers, for example.

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WA Award Rates - are you in the know?

It is important for the clients/employers who use our services to understand the state industrial laws of Western Australia in order to lawfully employ Rural Enterprises’ candidates. State Industrial Laws cover areas including minimum conditions of employment and leave entitlements for employees, and you can find information specifically relating to farm jobs.

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Seeking Farm Jobs? Latest Labour Market Trends and what they mean for you

Farm Jobs Australia

The current statistics for farm jobs in the Australian Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector show that employment is around 2.6 per cent of the total Australian workforce (323,000 employees), and this primary sector been growing steadily over the past five years. This positive outlook means more jobs are becoming available, and therefore more opportunities exist, both for job seekers and for our clients (farm owners/managers/HR Recruiters, etc).

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