Safety in the Farming Environment

You can find relevant information to Western Australia about farm safety for farming jobs on the WorkSafe website.

Some tips for employers and employees from their website include:

  • Application of parking brakes prevents run overs, even on relatively flat ground
  • Working alone increases risks if something goes wrong.
  • Use equipment best suited for the job
  • Ensure you are properly trained and qualified
  • Relying on someone’s (or your own) skill and experience can lead to over-confidence and risk-taking
  • Having fall protection and using it prevents deaths, brain damage and permanent spinal injuries

It’s Ag Show Season!

Let’s talk Ag Shows! There are 2 upcoming shows in April. The Harvey Agricultural Show is running on the 28th, and Farm World: Victoria is on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of April. Visit their websites to find out about all the fantastic events and competitions running this year. Hopefully you will be able to take some time off to support your local agricultural show in 2018. Rural Enterprises will keep you updated through our blog with dates for upcoming shows - we will make sure you don't miss out!

Seeding Recruitment

Seeding recruitment is well underway for 2018 and Emma and Renae are ploughing away to find YOU their best candidates! If you haven’t already, register your job vacancy details now. You can also review the Featured Candidates on our website to get a taster of those available.

Permanent Jobs

Senior/General Farm Hand with Mechanical Trade or Excellent Mechanical Aptitude, Munglinup, WA
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Senior Farm Hand to be based 220km South-East of Perth, WA
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Permanent Featured Candidates

45, non-smoker; recently arrived back to WA. Looking for a full time Farm Hand position close to Perth. Awesome references from previous employer that would buy him a farm to get him back! Only looking at positions close to Perth. Prefer to move away from dairy and look at either a mixed or all cropping position. Has been working in New Zealand for the past 10 years in the dairy industry and only worked for 2 employers in this time! Has been Assistant Manager for a 1600 cow unit. Relocated to Perth as he has family here. Originally from the Philippines and is a New Zealand citizen. Operated a range of machinery with tractors up to 200 HP, large loaders, excavators and dump trucks. Available NOW and ready to work. Very hard working. His family will stay in Perth and he is looking for a role close to Perth so he can return at weekends.

18, Kiwi, single, non-smoker. Looking at coming to Australia in the coming weeks and looking for a full time role on a mixed property. Really great lad to talk to with awesome references. Has been working for a sheep, cattle and deer property as well as for a fencing contractor for the past 2 years. Has gained a wide variety of skills and looking to expand on these. His references confirm that he is keen and a quick learner, listens and has a great work ethic. He has a natural ability with livestock, very good fencing skills and has also done lots of tractor work on the livestock property. No auto guidance experience but will pick this up easily. He is interested in learning more on the agronomy side of things. Current employer is happy to have him back and sorry to see him go. Would like to give at least 2 weeks’ notice. Happy to look at seasonal with views to permanent or even a 6 month contract role.